Our Motto "In your light we see light"

Welcome to St. Joseph’s Convent Teachers’ Training Institute

Our Foundress St. Magdalene of Canossa was a woman of great vision. More than 200 years ago she saw the need of opening schools for the education of children. Through her schools she wanted to give a complete education to the poor children, not only teaching them to read and write but also to form their character.

Our Patron


Our Foundress

St. Magdalene of Canossa

The aim of Canossian Education:
Canossian education aims at the integrated human and value filled life for the young.

“Save youth to save society” was Magdalene’s watch word.

“The future of pupils is in the hands of those who teach youth and every teacher is a maker, a guide, a father, a mother of several generations.”
(St. Magdalene of Canossa)

In keeping with the above maxim, the training course aims at educating young ladies for the teaching profession. Although academic achievement is an important phase of the training, great emphasis is laid on moral and spiritual values in the programme.
Development of a positive attitude towards community living and social service too, plays an equally important role during the training.

1. To enable student –teachers to acquire the knowledge of :-
a) The developmental needs of children at the various stages of growth
b) The subjects taught and the methods of teaching them.

2. To develop the following skills and abilities in student teachers :-
a) Ability to plan and teach different school subjects, enlisting maximum involvement of children in the learning process.
b) Ability to organize the school as a creative, co- operative and democratic community.
c) Ability to prepare and use teaching aids suited for class room instruction
d) Ability to evaluate one’s own work and effect improvements.

3. To develop positive and favourable attitudes towards :
a) Teaching Profession
b) Manual work
c) Community Service.